Skin Rejuvenation.... What is it?

    Over the years you have been looking at your skin, wondering... Where has the time gone? You have been so busy taking care of other priorities, you haven't noticed the sun damage, age spots, wrinkles, and scarring that have taken over your face, neck, decolette, and even your hands. What can you do?!

Don't panic. Skin Rejuvenation treatments can solve all of these problems and even more!


     At Skin Ink & Laser, we have state of the art laser technology with the PicoSure laser. PicoSure’s unique energy delivery is a breakthrough for patients seeking a way to improve their skin and reduce signs of aging but who don’t want to deal with the risks, pain, and downtime of traditional laser treatments. Using highly targeted energy, PicoSure gently disrupts the particles responsible for a range of pigment conditions like freckles, sunspots, and other discoloration.


PicoSure can improve the future structure of your skin by building collagen. This laser can also improve wrinkles, age lines, and even acne scars. Unlike other lasers with similar results, PicoSure doesn’t rely on heat to burn away and destroy skin to force the body to heal.

Before & After 1 Treatment | Courtesy of S. Shin, MD

Before & After 1 Treatment | Courtesy of S. Shin, MD

Before & After 2 Focus Treatments | Courtesy of R. Saluja, MD

Before & After 2 Focus Treatments | Courtesy of R. Saluja, MD


     Because the PicoSure laser uses gentle pressure instead of damaging heat, there’s no need for a long, painful recovery. In fact, most patients only experience a few hours of mild redness.

Immediately after treatment, make-up, moisturizers, and sun screens may be applied since PicoSure doesn’t burn or damage the surface of the skin. This means summertime is no longer a limiting factor to this kind of treatment. You can revitalize your skin in the morning and be relaxing by the pool (wearing sunscreen, of course) in the afternoon - no problem!

To summarize...


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