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Can a facial cleansing brush be harmful to your skin?


A facial cleansing brush is typically a battery operated, handheld device with a bristle head that moves continuously. The constant pressure features make facial cleansing a more effective procedure than the sleepy sudsing we sometimes resort to late at night or in the early morning. When combined with an effective cleanser, brushes cleanse deep into pores, so you'll need fewer extractions during your next facial.


Experts claim these brushes are essential for puffed and clogged skin because they improve facial circulation and lymphatic drainage.

This makes pores look smaller and the exfoliating brushes prepare skin to better absorb hydrating serums.

Despite the seemingly endless list of benefits, cleansing brushes are definitely not right for everyone. Many people use facial brushes incorrectly, choose a setting with too much stimulation, or settle for a brush that is too stiff and causes inflammation. Although there are many gentle options, overuse of brushes disrupts skins pH, which depletes the protective acid mantle and can cause increased oil production. Red, irritated skin is common when using sonic brushes because stiff bristles damage delicate capillaries and cause microabrasions. Especially never use them to remove makeup as they may actually push makeup deeper into your pores–gross!


It can cause dryness. "Exfoliating too aggressively and too often can cause dryness and disrupt the skin's lipid barrier," she explains. "This allows moisture to seep out of the cells more easily, causing them to get dehydrated."

It can cause chronic inflammation. Again, if you're using a cleansing brush too often, it can create inflammation—even the kind that's not visible. "It's continually setting up a cascade of free radical damage that triggers premature aging," she says.

It can stimulate melanin activity. Which could ultimately result in increased skin discoloration. "You must use caution with all physical exfoliants including cleansing brushes, wash cloths, and facial scrubs," explains Rouleau. "For skin that is extremely reactive to stimulation, you need to it gently to avoid post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation."


 It removes that top layer of dead skin to improve skin tone. It can be used on both your face and neck, and this along with it's effects to stimulate circulation, will create firmer, more lasting skin. The result?

Reduced wrinkles, soft, healthier skin and a massaging routine that makes for a relaxing end to your day.

Facial brushes are better than anti-aging creams. It works in the same fashion, peeling off dead skin to reveal the youthful glow beneath.

So in a nutshell, facial brushes produce fresh, young skin in the most affordable and natural way possible.


How can you use a facial brush, reap the benefits and avoid negative effects? The answer is so simple: don't use it too often.

It's recommended that you brush your face, along with a cleanser, two days out of the week. If your skin dries out and your skin tone becomes uneven, take it down to just once a week. If you feel this routine isn't effective, do it three days a week.

Listen to your skin.

If you're using a facial brush, don't use an exfoliant scrub or chemical exfoliant. And if you're using a facial brush, you're using that brush--don't let someone you know, not even a relative, borrow it. Does that go without saying? Probably. But it has to be said just in case.

The best time to use your facial brush is at night. This way, you remove the slough and environmental pollution from the day.









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